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Episode 9: I Was Really Into Bigfoot When I Was a Kid

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A Bigfoot Impression

This episode had us diving into the real-time web with Nathan Fritz, the Chief Architect for &yet, and the man who has foolishly agreed to help Chris learn the finer points of Node.js. You can just hear the excitement in all our voices as we discuss Web 3.14159 aka the Real Time Web. Nathan is one smart motherfucker so be prepared to have lots of knowledge exploded into your brain.

Nathan also discusses his previous life as a PHP guy, what XMPP is all about, and his book-in-progress on Lua scripting in Redis.

Thanks again to our awesome sponsor for this episode Engine Yard. Don’t worry, we’ll spend your sponsorship money wisely.

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  • Engine Yard is a most-delightful PaaS company and happy sponsor of this episode
  • Lua is supported as a scripting language in Redis
  • Thoonk
  • Nathan learned to hate a certain subset of programmers via his work on an XMPP library he wrote in PHP
  • 0MQ
  • Tornado and Twisted are two Python event-driven networking frameworks
  • Eventmachine is a Ruby event-driven networking frameworks
  • Mozilla Developers Network is Nathan’s go-to choice for information about JavaScript

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