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Episode 91: Check the Police Blotter in Mountain View

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i'm good with the blue, scott richard

Chris and Ed do an extremely rare daytime recording of the show on the American Memorial Day holiday. But why is a Canadian not working on an American Holiday? You’ll have to tune in to find out why along with some thoughts on mentoring and why the current crop of browser-centric testing tools are completely shit.

Thanks to Ben Ramsey for his poetry choice and Chance Garcia for allowing us to bring another health issue to people’s attention.

Do these things!


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Links and Notes

  • Please support Ed’s efforts to make OSMI his main gig!
  • Both Chris and Ed will be at CakeFest 2017
  • WebDriver is an API in heavy use at Mozilla (and elsewhere) for doing browser automation work
  • Ed talked about a testing tool called Fake from his webOS development days that promoted a very different testing paradigm
  • Chris has done browser automation in PHP using Behat, Mink and a lot of swearing
  • Most current browser-centric UI testing tools are Rube Goldberg machines
  • Great blog post from the ClojureScript community showing off property-based testing and immutibility
  • Also some great work being done in PHPUnit with snapshot testing

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