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Episode 100: The Final Rant

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The Queen is dead, long live the King!

Hello friends. We have reached the end of the podcast. At least 100 times Ed and I got together to talk about our thoughts, mostly about technical things, sometimes it was funny, sometimes it was serious. But people change and decide to put their energies into other activities. It is neither good nor bad, it is just how people grow and evolve. If Ed and Chris had not grown and changed as people since we shared the first episode on December 11, 2011, that would’ve been a huge failure.

Thank you to everyone that supported this podcast over the years and reached out to us and became friends with us. Ed and Chris might do something else in the future, but it will not be /dev/hell.

If there is one constant theme, it has been how programming slides towards being complex and fails instead of the majority of people working hard towards making it simple. We end the same way we started — with Ed complaining about the developer experience being so terrible for so many people.

Take care of yourselves and always be pushing to make things better for everyone around you, not just yourselves.

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