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Episode 69: A Festivus Miracle, Part 2

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pissing in the bottle

After some airing of grievances and snarky emails, we managed to get our long- time personal friend Elizabeth Naramore to come on the show and talk about how she was scared for her life the first time she ever met Chris.

We also got to continue to show how immature the three of us are with our constant giggling and inappropriate comments due to the innuendo-laden episode number.

When we weren’t giggling we did talk about Liz’s studies into the psychology of open source communities and her work helping to teach more people how to use Gi-Thub. Ed and Chris discussed how the marketing efforts for their own products are different yet have the same end goal.

Chris also talked about how he stupidly lost his passport while in Orlando for an all-hands meeting (1270 people!) for Mozilla. He was so stressed he didn’t even use the free park passes to Epcot, Hollywood Studios, or the Animal Kingdom.

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