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Episode 70: Anti-Canuckite Leanings

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Secretary Kerry Receives a Case of Beer from Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird

Welcome to a new year and hopefully a more frequent podcasting schedule of recording on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of every month. Can your favourite old-but-lazy duo maintain such a punishing pace?

During the discussions for topics for this episode, Chris went to the bathroom for some quiet time. When he came back Ed had asked dedicated grumpy-Canadian hater Amanda Folson to join this episode to talk a bit about the life of a developer evangelist, Greg LeMonde, the Battle for PHP CoC, how Composer saved PHP, and CodeMash.

Along the way Amanda and Ed ganged up on Chris showing their hatred for their peace-loving neighbours north of the 49th parallel and during the aftershow drove him away with talk about audio recording equipment.

Do these things!


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