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Episode 81: It Feels Good to Be a D-List Internet Superstar

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Hulk Hogan

This time around Chris and Ed attempt to shame you with their D-lister activities and ability to purchase things they want but don’t need.

We cover PyOhio, the long-anticipated php|cruise, and some useful gadgets they’ve incorporated into their work flows.

Do these things!


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Links and Notes

  • Ed spoke about his usual stuff at PyOhio and Chris thought the event looked awesome
  • Ed’s talk from PyOhio
  • Chris got sucked in by the Facebook advertising for the Henge Dock
  • Chris brought his long-suffering wife along with him for php|cruise and highly recommends cruising as a vacation option
  • Ed likes the Roost Laptop Stand
  • Chris bought some generic monitor-stand-and-USB hub at Winners
  • Ed had some UPS fun with his new Tom Bihn bag
  • Both Chris and Ed highly recommend the Wirecutter’s travel gear guide

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