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Episode 82: Open 24 Hours, Just Not All in One Day

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In this scintillating episode Chris and Ed shift gears and talk about their own experiences working “in the open”. Chris is very fortunate that everything he does at Mozilla gets open-sourced while Ed talks about his experiences back when he was running Spaz.

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Links and Notes

  • Chris' work at Mozilla generally ends up in their Mozilla Services GitHub repo
  • When Ed’s employer does open source things, they fall under the Graph Story repo
  • Mozilla is using TestPilot to test new features for their browsers
  • Opera had a pretty nasty security breach
  • Ed mentioned that one of Graph Story’s open source projects is a iOS Neo4J library
  • Ed is also getting better at branding — GLOSSY has been renamed HackLafayette despite Chris saying it should be called G-POSSY
  • The last ever TrueNorthPHP is coming up fast — November 3-5
  • Ed was the lead on Spaz, one of the first 3rd party Twitter clients
  • Chris used to get great schadenfreude by reading about all sorts of stupid failed startups over at Fucked Company

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