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Episode 85: Brand Dilution as a Source of Happiness

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Holiday Spectacular

Welcome to our end-of-year episode! It has been probably the most gratifying year in a long time for both Chris and Ed. Chris' work at Mozilla has really changed his perspective on the value of the open web and his future. Ed finally got the chance to sink his teeth into a true leadership role at GraphStory and with a lot of help OSMI became a non-profit poised to continue doing excellent work in the field of bringing awareness to mental health issues.

Crazy travel schedules, the last TrueNorthPHP, Chris and Ed laughing about things more than usual, and a very passionate non-testing-related speech from Chris can be found in this final episode of 2016.

We know 2016 sucked for a lot of people and 2017 is likely to suck worse. Hang in there, we will be here for you.

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