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Episode 94: Shaking Off the Rust

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Rust and Fire

It’s been a while since our last episode, but this time Chris and Ed go together in the same room down in Pawnee, Indiana to record an episode. Between Ed making faces at Chris while recording and Chris' totally messing up who wrote the testing blog post he went on and on, it was clear /dev/hell is not in the groove.

In this episode Ed talks about some of his personal struggles that led to a long absence, Chris asks about what to do when the time frame for your goals doesn’t align with the types of places you work, and Chris and Ed try to enjoy being together in the same place while hoping the noise from the hand dryer in the bathroom on the other side of the wall from them doesn’t cause a ton of noise.

Don’t worry, the podcast isn’t dead! Ed and Chris intend on talking to each other for a very very long time to come. However, you can expect to see less of us on the conference circuit in 2018. Both Chris and Ed have decided that for personal reasons they need to reduce their travel schedules.

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